$18 Computar 6mm f1.2 lens!

Okay, okay. I need to get out and shoot some “real” footage instead of running around the store like a lemming in a cage, but heck, it’s better than nothing! Since I am a cheapskate, I am always looking for bargains. When this $18 lens popped up on eBay, I was not even sure if it was going to fit GH2, but for something that was so cheap, I had to take a chance. I was ecstatic when it fit my existing C-mound adapter! It even focuses to infinity without any modification, unlike it was for 12.5mm Computar.
Anyway, the footage is a little worse than I expected. I did not anticipate so much distortion and CA on the edges in 1:1 crop mode, since the crop modes uses only the ‘good’ center parts of the lens. Also, just like for 12.5mm Computar, it gives really funky blocky kind of noise in dark areas. I don’t know if this is a characteristic of a cheap lens or GH2. I need to run some tests. Denoiser in post can clean up good parts of it, but not all. When it all fails, I guess I can always crush the blacks!

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