Panasonic GH2 indoor low light test

I still have not gone skydiving with the new GH2 yet! I have had this nasty cold/congestion for 10 days. I must be getting old. I used to be up and running about within a day or two after catching whatever stuff was going around. Anyway, I brought the camera to a local Costco, just to see how in performed under the low light conditions. I wanted to see if I get a ‘filmy’ look I often got with T2i.
Yup.. Panny GH2 looks a little “video’ish” out of the box, but with a little color grading, voila! It looks a little more like film.

Panasonic GH2 test shoot

I was one of the lucky enough to grab one of the very few GH2’s on Amazon a few days ago. They sold out in a matter of minutes!
I took it out yesterday, shooting some regular family stuff, since I was too sick to go skydiving. I tried to get a wide variety of colors and dynamic range, just to see its capability. The little camera did not disappoint! Wow.. Looks like I will be mounting it on my helmet next week.

“Inception” inspired skydiving short

I finally got to got to go skydiving on Sunday, Superbowl Sunday. That pretty shows how much I “love” football. Ha ha. I was fascinated with the movie “Inception”, especially the concept of time compression. I just loved the scene where the van was falling, and how they captured it in super slow motion. I thought I’d try a similar concept on a skydiving footage.
Which one is a dream? The skydive or being safe on the ground? 🙂

“Downfall” Hitler parody of skydiving / swooping

Thousands of subtitle parody of “Downfall” film have been posted on youtube for a few years now. Nobody, however, created one for skydiving, so heh hmm… I thought I would give it shot since I know enough about the topic. You need to be a skydiver to appreciate all the subtle humor, but editors and animators might be aware of the body language/subtitle matching. Pete Doctor of Pixar spoke at a 3D Animation school I attended a long time ago. He strongly emphasized body language over lip synching (See Castro for a beer commercial).