Twixtor super slow motion on skydiving footage

To create frames between four still shots for the "Bullet Time" project, I used a morphing software, manually placing points and curves on each picture, matching the target points as much as possible. The result was pretty accurate, but it took many hours of tweaking. Since then, I was experimenting with Twixtor plugin to see if it could create identical results. Surprisingly it did a better job than what I expected, but not quite as good as manual tweaking. While I was at it, I thought I try a little experiment on skydiving footage that was shot at 60 FPS with Canon T2i.

2 comments on “Twixtor super slow motion on skydiving footage

  1. Hey Bill,

    Mind sharing the settings you found to work best for twixtor with skydiving footage? Still trying to dial it in… length of effect, amount to slow to, options, etc.

    Thanks much,

    • There are quite a few Twixtor tutorials on Youtube, but for skydiving, I use,
      60 fps (this is a must).
      Highest shutter speed you can get away with. GoPro has auto setting which works well under the bright sunlight.
      Steady footage as much as possible. It’s not always possible with helmetcam, but do your best.
      Try 10-20% for starters, after conforming the footage, then go on from there.
      The frames need to be somewhat similar for best results.
      Good luck.

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