Time Slice “Bullet Time” Effect with 4 DSLR cameras

Ever since I saw a Time Slice effect at SIGRAPH in the 90’s, I’ve been obsessed to try it myself. All I needed was around 100 SLR cameras, which was financially not feasible. Fast forward 20 years later, where there is no film developing costs and wonderful morphing software that can simulate frames between shots pretty accurately. I finally got my hands dirty yesterday. Morphing is not perfect. It’s very difficult to simulate layers. Here’s the result. Out of 4 images 68 ‘tween’ shots were replicated via morphing software and then time streched 2X with After Effects. Due to having different lenses that did not match exactly, the pictures needed to be tweaked almost perfectly with Photoshop to prevent a “rubberband” effect within a morphing program.

9 comments on “Time Slice “Bullet Time” Effect with 4 DSLR cameras

    • I used FantaMorph but it was not very good for what I was trying to do. It took way too much tweaking, thus too much time.
      If I was to do another one, I probably would use RE:Flex (http://www.revisionfx.com) plugin for After Effects. If you don’t have After Effects, then I would look for that has good spline based morphing. Good luck!

  1. Hey, this was a good sample. I noticed you mentioned Re:Flex in your comments section and I was wondering if Re:Twixtor can apply the same effect? Unfortunately, I only have Re:Twixtor and I would, as much possible, save my money and not purchase Re:Flex. So, is it at all possible to use Twixtor as an alternative to create a Time Slice effect?

    I tried it using Twixtor and the frames did morph(somewhat) together yet there’s still a BIG difference in the smoothness of the video. There seems to be a short period wherein the frame stops at every picture before morphing onto another picture. This ruins the illusion of a continuous movement around the subject. If you could try this out yourself and see if you could find a solution, it would be much appreciated!

    Thanks! Cheers!

    • I know standard Twixtor does not have enough control points to finetune the shapes. You are better off with a real morphing program that can assign curves and points to source and target picture. There are quite a few programs out there, many of them free. Good luck.

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