Compositing practice fun with muzzle flash and windshield crack

Quality time with my son. 🙂
The window was tracked with Mocha to composite the windshield crack, and the muzzle flash was a simple file from action pack. The compositing was not necessarily spectacular, but I am definitely getting better in color grading. I am messing around more with gamma setting, giving the video much more smooth dynamic range and a softer look. I really enjoy shooting video’s without an elaborate setup, with whatever light that is available and fixing it best as possible during post.

Double UFO All the Way!

I needed a purpose of practicing After Effects Mocha motion tracking. I thought creating a parody of the “Double Rainbow All the Way” would be fun. It turned out a little cheesy, but I am proud of the fact the mission was complete, being able to tracking motion accurately within a handheld shaky footage.

Motion tracking with perspective change

I am beginning to appreciate the amount of work that is involved in good motion tracking and compositing. It’s amazing what Mocha can do, but of course, it’s only an imperfect algorithm. It really can’t see like human brain. It, however, is a great tool in tracking motion when there is good clean footage to start with. On this footage, it actually tracked pretty well for 80% of the footage. I had to manually keyframe the rest, especially in the beginning, when the perspective change was the greatest with camera movement.