Very simple motion tracking

Performed motion tracking for the first time (Title on 00:27). Heck, it looks pretty primitive for now, but I am really thrilled at learning new tricks!

Tilt shift effect from a helmetcam footage

One dive edit pieces, such as this one starring Jade and Aanaa, are fun because they don’t take too long to put ’em together. Besides, it’s a good excuse for me to insert something new — in this case, tilt-shift film simulation without a tripod (01:51). The intended miniature effect doesn’t look quite right, but interesting regardless.

Captain America and Catwoman up in the sky!

Having a little fun on this one. I grabbed an old Captain America TV show intro from Youtube. The resolution was very low but it served its purpose. Also, I am beginning to discover that Youtube doesn’t represent the actual color and resolution of rendered Quicktime file too well. The edited indoor shots looked fine on the Mac, but when uploaded, the colors were quite off. I guess that’s the price to pay for high rate of video compression.