Final Cut Pro Smoothcam on Canon T2i footage

Notice how smooth the footage is, thanks to Final Cut Pro’s ‘Smoothcam’ filter. It works the best against the solid background, such as the blue sky. Against the busy background, such as shots pointing at the ground, it enhances the undesirable ‘jello’ effect, common to all CMOS chips used by most DSLR cameras.

Polarizing filter high up in the sky

Outdoor skydiving footage, so far, has harsh blue light on the subjects, with shadows being too dark with too much contrast. A fellow DSLR film maker, who doesn’t skydive, gave an advice of trying a polarizing filter, to cut down to harsh sun. Here’s the result.

Music video inspired skydiving video with Merlin Steadicam ground footage

I made a DIYS steadicam, based on Youtube instructions, but didn’t use it much because it just took long balancing the darn thing. After scanning through Craigslist for about a week, I found a used professional Merlin Steadicam for about 1/2 price. I mounted the Canon T2i, practice for a few takes, and voila, here it is, nicely supplementing the skydiving footage. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes to balance the camera and since it’s a Merlin, it holds its value pretty much forever.