First skydiving footage with Canon T2i!

I finally got to jump the new Canon T2i mounted on a helmet, after hours of cutting, drilling and aligning. The results were spectacular indoors under the natural ceiling window light, but for outdoor sunlight shooting, I need to study its capability more. 50mm 1.8 was used for indoors and 18-55mm kit lens for outside. I decided to try that blue/green look that Hollywood loves. To me, it looks unnatural, but almost all action movies seem to use it. I hope it’s just a trend. I prefer the natural film color look.

Canon 50mm 1.8 lens with one light

I read great things about Canon 50mm prime lens, especially for only $99. I just got it today and had to test it out, even in the middle of the night. The footage is color graded with Magic Bullet Looks, bringing down the yellow/red tint, and enhancing the color. Pulling a perfect espresso and creating latte art is one of my hobbies. If you want the world’s best espresso drink, you just have to make it yourself, unless you are in Italy.

Fluorescent lighting with 18-55mm kit lens

I am sitting in the store (I own and operate a cellphone store) with the camera just sitting there, not being utilized, so I grab it and decide to take video of random things around the store, just to see how things would turn out.  The results are impressive, especially for low lighting without any color correction.

Got my Canon T2i!

I am an old school photographer. I thought nothing digital would be come remotely close to the quality level of film, especially Kodachrome 64 — until this year. After weeks of research, I got my heart set on Canon 5D Mark II, but it was out of my price range. I then looked into 7D, but that was not exactly ‘cheap’ either. While combing through Youtube, I saw some impressive video footage of Canon T2i, which looked virtually identical to the look of 7D. It’s something I HAD to have right away, especially for $850 at Fry’s, including lens!
After I got home, I got too anxious, so I ran a little test on Joseph. The footage is color graded a bit with Magic Bullet Looks. I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to color grading, just yet, but I am looking forward to learning! Now, to pay for it. I gotta sell all my Sony stuff.