Holocaust Museum

Stopped briefly on the way to the Jerusalem Forest. The building probably took some ingenious engineering. I wonder how many people the structure is rated for..

Dinner at Bethany

Just got a replacement rig (Panasonic GH4) for the camera that was smashed up a few months ago by East Jerusalem extremists. Took it for a test drive yesterday when we went out to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday at our favorite restaurant in Bethany/Al Eizariya (Arabic: العيزرية), Palestine.
It’s a pretty nice little camera – especially since it can record in 4K resolution.

Cement Samurai Giants

Encountered these sword fighting samurai giants this morning, while exploring a new trail near Mevaseret Zion (Hebrew: מְבַשֶּׂרֶת צִיּוֹן), about 10km northwest of Jerusalem.
If you study the picture close enough, you can see the cross of Jesus between two fighting giants.

The Bridge of Strings

A misty early morning run through The Bridge of Strings (Hebrew: גשר המיתרים). Also known as the Chords Bridge, it is probably the most dominant structure of the West Jerusalem, at the gateway to the city.
Shot with Iphone around 5 a.m. The picture was quite grainy, due to low light, but Topaz Degrain cleaned up quite nicely.

The Tunnel

The kids and I often hold our breaths whenever driving though tunnels. It’s one of those dumb road trip games we play. They weren’t with me when I sprint through this one, near the French Hill Jerusalem Light Rail Station. Someday they shall run with me, without struggle, freely – someday.