The Wall

Unknowingly jogged on a 16% grade hill in a restricted area this morning.
Our favorite restaurant is just on the other side of this wall in Bethany, where Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. To get there, however, we have to go through the nearest check point and weave through the backroad (11 miles).


Israeli Ethiopians protesting at the Ammunition Hill Rail Road Station intersection.  It’s a good thing that I have my GH4 with me almost all the time.


Almost dying – twice

Isaw almost died, twice, at the hospital. He is no longer afraid of death and any kind of persecution. He is going to be the general for Jesus for the rest of his life.

44 miles

“Race the Promised Land” 70k (44 miles) from Modin to Tel Aviv, Israel – my first official ultra race. It all started with the means to control dangerously high blood pressure last year.  The agony of the first mile on the first day lead to another, here I was yesterday, running non-stop for 10 hours and 45 minutes.  It was unimaginable, yet it taught me that almost everything is possible when taken in bitable chunks.



More chicks!

We get 2-3 eggs per day from 3 hens.  That’s not quite enough, so we decided to add a few more potential egg layers.  Here are 2 good looking ones out of 6.  I hope they are all females.

No man’s land

An unplanned route this morning. Drove along highway 1 towards Jericho, parked at a gas station, and started following a dried riverbed into a no man’s land that seems like million miles away from any civilization.